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Makita Tools


■Explanation”Makita Tools” is an exclusive application for some power tools manufactured and/or sold by Makita Corporation and its subsidiaries or affiliates. It is used for maintenance.■Caution- IMPORTANT -- IF YOU DOWNLOAD THIS APPLICATION, YOU ARE AGREEING TO THE APPLICATION USER AGREEMENT. BEFORE DOWNLOADING THIS APPLICATION, PLEASE READ THE APPLICATION USER AGREEMENT DESCRIBED IN THE FOLLOWING URL CAREFULLY.(
■Supported DevicesAndroid devices (Android version 4.2 or later) with NFC*Depending on the model, the application may not operate in a stable manner or may not operate properly. We do not guarantee all operations.
■Operation confirmed on the following modelsSome Android devices with NFC (LG G3, Motorola X, Xperia Z Ultra, GalaxyS6 etc.)
■Tips for NFC communication・Read the instruction carefully about the position of the antenna of your device, and how to activate NFC. Depending on the model, the communication area may be very tiny.・Pass your device over the N-mark of power tool at the moment of communication. If your device fails the communication, stir the device to correct position and try again. If your device is covered with a jacket or case, remove it from the device.